Solstice concert

Celebrate Christmas and Midwinter with Richard Durrant & Family in a Winter Solstice Concert on YouTube and Facebook

Richard Shoreham beach

Streamed live from Richard’s home on Monday 21 December from 3pm, Richard will be celebrating the Winter Solstice with his four children, Rooney, Daisy, Django & Felix. They will also be joined on film by Amy Kakoura, Nick Pynn Brian Gulland.

The music will continue as the sun goes down on the shortest day of the year with guitar solos, six specially made short films and some great carols so you can join in with the singing.

Whatever has happened to us this year Christmas is still upon us and in this we are offered hope for the year to come. Please join us to mark the moment our planet carries us into the heart of the winter. We can pause together, think of our place in the scheme of things and feel the spirit of Christmas.’

Says Richard

Please buy a voluntary ticket of £10 to support this event. 

If you are unable to watch the concert live don’t worry –  the show will still be available to watch until 12th Night – 6 January 2021.

Thank you for your continued support this year. Let’s hope 2021 brings us all more opportunities to gather together and once again enjoy live performances of music and theatre.

As the days shorten and the year draws to an end Louise and Richard wish you all a very happy Christmas…

My song is done, I must be gone,

I can stay no longer here;

God Bless you all, both great and small,

And send you a happy new year.

Oh the Moon Shines Bright!

Richard Shoreham beach

This year’s Candlelit Christmas Tour may have been reduced to a handful of gigs – but that doesn’t make these seasonal events any less special…

Included in the tour are four socially distanced shows at Ropetackle Arts Centre, Shoreham-by-Sea with two performances each day on 6 and 13 December.  

There will also be two, ticketed, live streamed performances from Theatr Clwyd in North Wales on Friday 11 December at 6pm and 8.30pm.

‘After the year we’ve all had it’s more important than ever to embrace the magic that hangs in the air at Christmas.’

Says Richard

We hope you will all join us for the series climax celebrating the Winter Solstice live-streamed from Richard’s studio on Shoreham Beach from 3pm on 21 December. 

Richard Durrant

This finale gig will include the premiere of six short Christmas films produced for the Solstice.  We ask you to buy a voluntary ticket for this unique event.

Richard has chosen a wintry collection of guitar solos for each show during which he’ll be joined onstage by his four children Rooney, Daisy, Django and Felix to sing Christmas carols and wintry songs.  

There’ll also be ‘virtual’ appearances by singer Amy Kakoura, master fiddler Nick Pynn and medieval prog rock god Brian Gulland – pictured below.

On the last day of the Celtic calendar, a full moon and halloween, last Saturday saw Richard Durrant’s first gig in Ropetackle Arts Centre in over eight months and the launch of Rewilding.

A ukulele playing fox came on stage to help out with Saturday’s performance of Triskelion – and he was delighted to get his paws on an actual Pete Howlett ukulele.

The following Monday Scala Radio played the track on the breakfast show and news has now come through that BBC Radio 3 want to book Richard for a live session in late November 2021.

For the show Richard was joined onstage by the legendary Brian Gullland and Django Durrant (pictured) as well as Daisy Durrant.  

The 2pm event was live-streamed with the help of Peter Lisney from the Richard Durrant Academy  The album went live on all streaming platforms at sunset in Shoreham just as Richard had promised.

The live-stream is still available to view on Facebook and YouTubeYou can still buy a voluntary ticket to donate to the development of this fantastic album here:

Rewilding cover

Well, the vinyl didn’t quite make it in time for the celebrations due to Covid difficulties in the Netherlands. But it has now been packed and shipped and should arrive during the coming week.  

If you are one of the many people waiting – it won’t be much longer! The limited edition vinyl signed and numbered by Richard is on sale in our online shop.

The beautiful album artwork for Rewilding has been attracting a lot of attention. Painted by English artist Jon Everitt, we are delighted to announce that a limited edition, high quality, framed print has been produced by Hypergallery.

Look out for more exciting Rewilding news and details of Richard’s new podcast: The Barefoot Guitarist

Richard Durrant Rewilding launch

“A rare and wonderful chance to experience the soundscape of a wilder land with the songs of Knepp’s own nightingales and turtle doves woven in to Richard’s exquisite melodies. Experience life above and below ground, hear the soil taking a deep breath and embrace the uplifting feeling of hope that Rewilding brings.” 

Penny Green, Resident Ecologist at Knepp Estate (pictured left)

You can pre-order the album on all streaming platforms using the various links below.  The music will go live at 4.37pm today.

This means that as the sun sets in Sussex on Halloween; Spotify, Apple Music and all other platforms will synchronise to stream Rewilding.

Richard is thrilled with the arrival of the new vinyl album.

“The test pressing arrived today and I just played it on the big Tannoys. Crikey….now it really does sound like an album! And so appropriate that is was pressed in the Netherlands as this music has more than a hint of Focus about it. Those Dutchmen at Deepgrooves have done a good job with their magical hocus pocussing work – and as eco friendly as they come.”


Spotify & Apple Music synchronise for a Sussex, Halloween Sunset

Rewilding will go live on all streaming platforms at 4.37pm on 31st October (that is sunset in Sussex on Halloween). You can pre-order the music using the various links below, and the music will go live as the sun sets on launch day.

You can buy vinyl (180g, gatefold, limited edition, signed and numbered by the artist) online and download FLAC and ALAC audio files online – buy today.

Rewilding cover

Official launch event with Livestream
11am & 2pm at Ropetackle Arts Centre

Live streamed from 2pm on Richard’s YouTube & Facebook

See diary for details of the today’s live and streamed events.

Richard Durrant

In his new album Rewilding Richard Durrant strays closer than ever to the world of acoustic prog rock. Tracks such as “Step Gently” and “Big Fat Earth Worm” summon vast forces with Brian Gulland’s bassoon and crumhorns weaving through Richard’s guitars, cellos and hammond organ. But there are moments of delicacy too.

Here is a short film by Richard focussing on one particularly finely etched track – Forr All Mannkinne Nede (for the sake of all mankind) featuring four ukuleles & cello.

“This album was wholly inspired by the rise of the new earth sciences and the hope they bring to our damaged planet. In Rewilding I’m trying my hardest to acknowledge and to celebrate nature’s offer of salvation.”


Richard continues:

“Because this new music is so closely linked to the natural world the official  release date I’ve chosen is Halloween (which is also Samhein, the day that marks the end of the Celtic year). This day signals the start of winter – a time of peace, reflection and magic.”

Spotify & Apple Music synchronise for a Sussex, Halloween Sunset

Rewilding will go live on all streaming platforms at 4.37pm on 31st October (that is sunset in Sussex on Halloween). You can pre-order the music using the various links below, and the music will go live as the sun sets on launch day.

You can buy vinyl (180g, gatefold, limited edition, signed and numbered by the artist) online and download FLAC and ALAC audio files online – buy today.

Rewilding cover

Official launch event with Livestream
11am & 2pm at Ropetackle Arts Centre

Live streamed from 2pm on Richard’s YouTube & Facebook

See diary for details of the live and streamed events.


So are you a fan of Lumbricus terrestris? You should be – especially if you are a gardener – because these common Earthwormsare our ‘ecosystem engineers’ – maintaining soil structure and breaking down decaying roots and leaves.

“There are few animals which have played so important a part in the history of the world than the earthworm.”

Charles Darwin

Side two of Rewilding dives underground where we encounter Big Fat Earth Worm.

“The intense subterranean activity of the flocculating protozoans, fungal networks and tunnelling earth worms (to name but a few) can help control flooding, digest pollutants and trap vast amounts of carbon.  It’s the energy and movement of these re-wilding collaborators that helps to sustain life on earth”

Says Richard

Watch the video to find out more…

This is just one of the magical tracks from the highly topical musical fantasy that is Rewilding. It has a strong connection with Knepp Wilding project in Sussex where Richard performed in 2018.

Did you know…?

  • Earthworms are also know as ‘Night Crawlers’
  • They can dig down as deep as 6.5 feet
  • They can live for up to 6 years
  • They can grow up to 14 inches long

The inner sleeve of the album was designed by soil specialist David Sheil who turned the musicians into protozoa:

Do you recognise any of them…?

Rewilding cover

Led by Durrant’s guitars, ukuleles and cello, this uplifting and optimistic album was created by Richard Durrant earlier this year during Lockdown, and as he says:

‘The world changed… and so did my music. 

Pre-order the limited edition gatefold vinyl (signed and numbered by the artist). 

The hi-rez audio versions are now available.

Rewilding will go live on all streaming platforms on 31 October at 4.37pm (as the sun sets in Shoreham).

This is all building up to the official album launch on 31 October – Halloween – which will be live streamed from 2pm

Triskeles glass

Triskelion is one of the tracks from Richard Durrant’s new album Rewilding – now available for hi-res download or to pre-order on vinyl…

The triple spirals of the Triskelion can be found on artefacts as far back as the Neolithic and Bronze ages and also in Celtic traditions. 

The triskeles symbol meaning ‘three-legged’ is also founding Greek antiquity and through the classical period. It also became used in the flag of the Isle of Man.

The artist of Rewilding’s sleeve cover, Jon Everitt,  created the ‘Tinner’s Rabbits’ on the round labels in the centre of the record inspired by the Dartmoor legend and Triskelion image. Jon’s fascination with these three rabbits, joined at the ears, inspired Richard to write this captivating track for the new album.

This cyclic art with minimalist music reflect nature’s ability to regenerate – if left alone.

Says Richard.

Buy your REWILDING download now or Pre-Order the vinyl Album today.

The vinyl album is due to be released at the end of October and all copies of the first, limited edition run of 200 albums are signed and numbered by Richard.

Meanwhile, hi-res FLAC and ALAC files can be ordered today.

This is just one of the magical tracks from this topical musical fantasy. It has a strong connection with Knepp Wilding project in Sussex where Richard performed a gig with a nightingale and folk singer Sam Lee one summer’s evening back in 2018.

Led by Durrant’s guitars, ukuleles and cello, this uplifting and optimistic album was created by Richard Durrant earlier this year during Lockdown, and as he says:

‘The world changed… and so did my music.’


After eight months in the studio Richard Durrant has finally completed work on his forthcoming album: Rewilding…

Richard at Knepp with ecologist Penny Green and soil specialist David Sheil

Now renamed Rewilding, this single album will be available on vinyl as a limited edition gatefold with artwork by the English “unrealist’ artist, Jon Everitt.  Although there are no plans for a CD release, the album will be widely available to stream or download including hi-rez audio formats (included in the vinyl price).

Unsurprisingly, this is a very different outcome to what was originally planned back in 2019.  

“The enormity of what we are all living through has, of course, deeply affected my work. Lockdown came at a time when I should have been finishing and launching an album followed by a busy and exciting tour.

“Instead the entire year was cancelled and what I had begun to record became all that was left. The music was immediately under intense scrutiny and the soul searching began.


The album’s focus on ecological issues are unchanged as is the sense of place with the Sussex countryside centre stage. 

The internationally famous re-wilding project taking place at the Knepp estate just outside Horsham has proved a particular inspiration.

This was where Richard was invited to play a gig with folk musician Sam Lee and one of the virtuoso Knepp nightingales back in 2018.

“Knepp allows us to see how nature can rebalance, realign and refresh; if we stand back to allow the process to unfold then this can happen fairly swiftly both above and below ground.

These results have proved surprising even to those in specialised areas and the benefits offered provide an incentive to reassess and change for the better. This is not just nature quietly offering to teach those who care to look, it is also a beacon of hope for humankind.


Rewilding the album is a musical fantasy led by guitars, ukuleles and cello. These instruments and many others are played by Richard himself. He is also joined by the incredible Brian Gulland from Gryphon on bassoons, recorders, organ and crumhorns.

Old friend and percussionist Stephen Hiscock plays various exotic percussion instruments and the Durrant family not only play but have helped out by engineering on some fairly intense recording sessions!

Side one takes place above ground with four tracks:
Aurochs, Forr All Mannkinne Nede, Knepp and Leaf

Side two is set below ground with three tracks:
Step Gently, Triskelion and Big Fat Earth Worm.

And coming up…

Don’t forget Richard has live performances coming up soon. This will be his first gig since February. See his diary for details.

Richard Durrant returns to the live stage with a special Open Air Harvest Concert to celebrate late summer…

On Saturday 5 September Richard Durrant will be playing a special, open air gig to celebrate the late summer.  This family friendly event will be held in the safest possible environment, a huge, beautiful field underneath the South Downs near the village of Albourne, Sussex.

Richard will play an extended, wide ranging solo set of music on his beloved bog oak concert guitar, tenor guitar and ukulele.

Gates open at 2pm with the support act The Kites (singer songwriting trio) at 3pm. Richard will be onstage from 4pm.

Richard Durrant’s Open Air Harvest Concert
North Park Farm, Church Lane, Albourne, BN6 9BY

  • Safely marked out areas for the audience with clear social distancing
  • BYO picnics
  • BYO gazebos (3m x 3m pitch) – extra £5 charge
  • Bar
  • Pizzas
  • Hand sanitisers
  • Toilets
  • Crowd flow directions
  • Car parking.
Richard on the main stage at Beautiful Days 2018 – during easier times!

“This will be my first gig in front of an audience since February, and for all we know it may be the last for some time to come. Sharing music with others has been a constant in my life and to say I’m excited to play again doesn’t begin to describe how I feel. 

Certainly the positive energy that a live audience shares amongst themselves and with the performer is something I crave, it’s as if there is a generosity of human spirit that becomes tangible as the music unfolds.”

Richard Durrant

The audience can enjoy the concert as an individual or as a bubble (2 to 6 people) or a double bubble. Both of which are now considered safe. 

You are also welcome to bring your own food and drink.

Friday 3 July saw the release of Richard Durrant’s single Kenneth the Hedge. This is a remix of the stand-out track from Richard’s 2018 double album Stringhenge…

Complete with new vocals, bass and percussion Kenneth comes with the equally revamped B side containing The Bog Oak Boureé. Both tracks are being released as part of the build up for the forthcoming album Rewilding.

Please show your support by visiting:

Last Sunday night saw the completion of Richard’s Music For Midsummer Tour with 14 livestream broadcasts direct from Richard’s studio.

This virtual tour which was focussed on each venue from Orkney to Sussex is still available to watch online – visit Richard’s Facebook or YouTube channels.

Music for Midsummer

Alongside the challenges brought to us all by 2020, this year has also brought moments of extraordinary inspiration. Richard explains:

‘Faced with the loss of an entire year’s touring we decided to try as hard as we could to stay in touch with both the venues and my audience. And whilst friendships and the love of music were never at stake,  livelihoods and the future of venues and artists most definitely are so the live-streaming project felt very positive.’

Richard Durrant

Richard and Louise run all touring and recording from their home and studio in Shoreham. This little cottage industry has sent Richard out around the British Isles, across to Europe and South America to play solo concerts, Christmas tours and concertos with orchestras for the past 21 years.

During this time the studio has also seen the production of all Richard’s albums and scores along with recordings by a host of other musicians produced by Richard during the days of LongMan Records. Now, as with so many involved in the arts, none of this activity qualifies for direct government support

‘Working on my new album has filled the void left by the abrupt cancellation of all my touring. And inspiration has not been in short supply as we witness fascinating changes of perspective in the climate change debate, the positivity of the Black Lives Matter movement and the real hope that the world will never be the same again.’


Richard would like to thank you all for your ongoing support and encouragement. He looks forward to seeing you in person in the not too distant future.