Shop open

Vinyl, FLAC & ALAC downloads, CDs, DVDs, books and scores are now all available from the new-look shop.

‘At last these albums can live in a happy, chronological order free of genre defining pull down menus and all the other uncontrollable online nonsense.’

Says Richard.

Each item is grouped by solo recordings, collaborative recordings and ‘other’. Find out more about each item and the tracklist by simply clicking on the item from the format list to the right:

More and more people are now buying online. This puts the music fans of today in direct contact with the artists.

Buying from the Richard Durrant website means we can offer his CDs for as little as £5 each. Richard is happy to sign and include personal messages with each order.

What is also interesting is that the contents of the shop also reflects the different ways we are now listening to music. As Richard says:

‘Witness the rise of vinyl, the slow decline of the plastic compact disc and the purity of hi-rez audio files zipped into a folder complete with album artwork. Hooray!

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