Music for Midsummer

The final gigs of the tour were a great success as Richard Durrant cycled to several venues in the South East of England…

The sun continued to shine as Richard rode the short distance from Shoreham to Clayton for his concert in the Anglo Saxon Church of St John The Baptist. 

‘Riding out from home for the last shows of a cycling tour is always a very different experience. I’m carrying a lot less weight and my daily planning is simpler – so the burden on both bicycle and brain greatly reduced. By now this has become a pilgrimage as well as a concert tour.’

Explained Richard

Richard’s last Cycling Music journey was a 40 mile hop along the coast for the Bexhill Festival of Music. Unfortunately it was tipping down with rain so the planned celebratory peloton was reduced to our lovely neighbour Paul Davis.

Paul seemed perfectly happy to take on the weather and the hills of the Seven Sisters. Bollo, the Durrant Newfoundland, chose to stay at home.

‘I will miss living on my bicycle. It’s a beautiful, simple and direct way to travel which has left me feeling reconnected with where I live. I’m happy that I have at least tried to treat the environment gently and I will continue to make any contributions I can to reduce my carbon footprint.’

Added Richard

‘But I also know that without drastic, environmentally focussed legislation from governments across the world our planet will look after its own future – and that will not include us’

Just before the start of the tour there were a couple of additional surprises that we have not had time to mention…

Richard and Gary Southwell met HRH The Princess Royal at the unveiling of Hamish Lowe’s Bog Oak ceremonial table in Ely Cathedral. Richard was invited to play at the ceremony.

Richard also took part in an interview for David Bailey’s Lyric Show. Skip to Richard’s feature from 18 mins…