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Vinyl, FLAC & ALAC downloads, CDs, DVDs, books and scores are now all available from the new-look shop.

‘At last these albums can live in a happy, chronological order free of genre defining pull down menus and all the other uncontrollable online nonsense.’

Says Richard.

Each item is grouped by solo recordings, collaborative recordings and ‘other’. Find out more about each item and the tracklist by simply clicking on the item from the format list to the right:

More and more people are now buying online. This puts the music fans of today in direct contact with the artists.

Buying from the Richard Durrant website means we can offer his CDs for as little as £5 each. Richard is happy to sign and include personal messages with each order.

What is also interesting is that the contents of the shop also reflects the different ways we are now listening to music. As Richard says:

‘Witness the rise of vinyl, the slow decline of the plastic compact disc and the purity of hi-rez audio files zipped into a folder complete with album artwork. Hooray!

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Richard Durrant takes a break from preparing tonight’s Towards Spring concert to tell us something about what we can look forward to…

You can watch this concert LIVE from Richard’s studio on YouTube and Facebook. 

Voluntary ‘virtual’ tickets are available at £10.

You can also watch the event online for up to a month afterwards with a voluntary donation. 

Saturday 27 March at 7pm

Programe to include:


   Sonata in C
   The Return of the Hamster

   Andante Largo
   Variations on a theme by Mozart


Italian Guitarist, cellist, singer, and composer Mauro Giuliani (1781 –  1829) was a leading guitar virtuoso of the early 19th century. He defined a new role for the guitar in European music and was acquainted with notable composers such as Rossini and Beethoven.

Spanish guitarist and composer Fernando Sor (1778 – 1839) was praised by his contemporaries as being ‘the best in the world’.

His compositions ranged from opera, ballet and symphonies to numerous pieces for solo classical guitar. 

And after the concert join Richard for a chat at 8.15pm at the Richard Durrant Academy. Just click on the link below – if you don’t have a RDA subscription you can sign up free for 7 days.


Welcome the Spring

Richard Durrant’s third and final concert in his Towards Spring series reaches a conclusion at 7pm on 27 March with Classical Guitar Music to Welcome the Spring…

Featuring classical guitar works by Fernando Sor and Mauro Giuliani live from his studio in Sussex, Richard will be performing on a particularly beautiful guitar from the 1830’s (labelled John Arvey Turner) as well as the Gary Southwell concert bog oak.

The programme will include: 

   Sonata in C
   The Return of the Hamster

   Andante Largo
   Variations on a theme by Mozart

These gigs were to mark our journey out of winter, but they have also connected me with many wonderful people at home and abroad. I plan to play more from the studio in the coming months as well as looking forward to appearing at actual venues.


You can watch the concert LIVE from Richard’s studio on YouTube and Facebook. 

Voluntary ‘virtual’ tickets are available at £10.

You can also watch the event online for up to a month afterwards with a voluntary donation. 

Richard Durrant Academy subscribers can join Richard for a chat after the concert at 8.15pm.

If you don’t have a RDA subscription you can sign up free for seven days.

Join Richard Durrant for an online chat after The Pollinator live streamed concert on 27 February…

Subscribers with a Richard Durrant Academy Passport can join a live stream discussion following ‘The Pollinator’ online concert. This will be your chance to talk to Richard about some of the pieces he will have just played, his other music, your music and maybe pick up a few tips too. 

And if you don’t currently have an RDA subscription, this is just £19.99 per month with the first 7 days free for new subscribers.

The discussion will take place straight after the concert on Saturday 27 February 2021 at 8.15pm (UK time) and will last about 30 minutes. 

Don’t forget, you have to be a Richard Durrant Academy Passport subscriber to gain access but you can sign up on the day and even have the first 7 days free.

Towards Springonline concert no. 2 
The Pollinator 
music inspired by the natural world
Saturday 27th February 7pm

And remember you can watch the concert direct from Richard’s studio LIVE on YouTube and Facebook. 

Voluntary ‘virtual’ tickets are available at £10.

You can also watch the event online for up to a month afterwards with a voluntary donation. 

This concert is my celebration of the natural world, played whilst we all wait for spring.

Richard Durrant
Richard Durrant with guitars

The natural world is providing the inspiration for the second of Richard Durrant’s online solo recitals on 27 February…

The programme will include: 

     Juan Duarte          Clouds of Butterflies

     Agustín Barrios    A Dream in the Forest

     Julio Sagreras      The Humming Bird

     Yuquijiro Yocoh    Sakura

Music is part of nature. The pattern of my guitar string on an oscilloscope looks just like the shapes in the Shoreham tide table and the patterns of Bach’s melodies play with the vibrations of the harmonic series as does the syrinx of a songbird. This little concert is my celebration of the natural world, played whilst we all wait for spring.’

Says Richard
Artwork by Jon Everitt

Towards Spring
Online Concert No. 2 

The Pollinator 

music inspired by the natural world

Saturday 27th February, 7pm

You can watch the concert LIVE from Richard’s studio on YouTube and Facebook. 

Voluntary ‘virtual’ tickets are available at £10.

You can also watch the event online for up to a month afterwards with a voluntary donation. 

In advance of this online recital Richard is also very chuffed to be taking part in WHO LOVES A POLLINATOR? on 18 FEBRUARY 2021 from 7 – 8pm.

This FREE extended webinar is hosted by West Sussex County Council.

This online event will include a presentation by bee expert and author Professor Dave Goulson, live music from Richard Durrant and a Q&A session. 

Find out how you can help our pollinators thrive!

Towards Spring

To punctuate this year’s Journey to the Spring Equinox we present three themed solo guitar concerts by Richard Durrant – streamed live from his studio in Sussex.

The Towards Spring series of concerts will take place on the last Saturday of January, February and March 2021 on YouTube and Facebook. 

Voluntary ‘virtual’ tickets are available at £10. You can watch the event online for up to a month afterwards with a voluntary donation. 

Online concert No. 1: Book of Spellsmusic by Richard Durrant on Saturday 30th January, 7pm

Online concert No. 2: The Pollinator – music inspired by the natural world on Saturday 27th February, 7pm

Online concert No. 3: Classical Guitar Music to Welcome the Spring – music by Fernando Sor & Maruro Giulliani on Saturday 27th March, 7pm 

‘Never has the journey out of Midwinter felt so poignant. I just want to point  my guitar in the direction  of the light and comfort  of the spring. Right now I ‘m preparing music for three, solo concerts to help carry us through to the Spring Equinox. I do hope this will create opportunities to stop and mark this special time. Please join me.’

Says Richard

Do look at the  who has created The wonderful artwork for these concerts along with the marvellous cover designs for Rewilding was created by Jon Everitt – check out his website.

Blow away the cobwebs!

Here we are in another lockdown – so no better time to dust down your Guitar and throw yourself into one of Richard Durrant’s fantastic opportunities to improve your skills this year…

“2021 is the fiftieth anniversary of my first guitar lessons and I have begun this year keener than ever to share the positivity of music. Playing an instrument draws together mind, body and spirit. It can feel like being lost in a fantastic book and it colours the rest of the day and, in many cases, the rest of life.

Richard says

Richard Durrant Academy

The online Richard Durrant Academy is your Passport to Unlimited Learning. Learn to play classical, acoustic and tenor guitar plus ukulele. Concert guitarist and composer Richard Durrant has built an online platform to assist you in your musical journey. You are free to learn at your own pace, repeating lessons as many times as you like, reaching new levels of ability as you tackle more challenging techniques.

Keep studying, keep practising and enjoy your musical journey. 

Click on the image below to see a sample:

French Guitar Adventurers

Spend a week with up to 10 other guitarists (plus partners) developing musical and technical ideas and working towards an end of week concert.

This summer Richard Durrant’s French Guitar Adventurers will be back. These are musical holidays for classical and acoustic players of mixed styles and abilities. 

These memorable gatherings take place each year in a beautiful location in the South of France in July and September – but you’d better be quick because September is already sold out!

Find out more about French Guitar Adventurers and how to book

One of the more fortunate things to arise from Richard’s cancelled touring is the extra time he has had to work on the online academy and to think carefully about his teaching. 

Here’s to a creative, positive and musical 2021!

Solstice concert

Celebrate Christmas and Midwinter with Richard Durrant & Family in a Winter Solstice Concert on YouTube and Facebook

Richard Shoreham beach

Streamed live from Richard’s home on Monday 21 December from 3pm, Richard will be celebrating the Winter Solstice with his four children, Rooney, Daisy, Django & Felix. They will also be joined on film by Amy Kakoura, Nick Pynn Brian Gulland.

The music will continue as the sun goes down on the shortest day of the year with guitar solos, six specially made short films and some great carols so you can join in with the singing.

Whatever has happened to us this year Christmas is still upon us and in this we are offered hope for the year to come. Please join us to mark the moment our planet carries us into the heart of the winter. We can pause together, think of our place in the scheme of things and feel the spirit of Christmas.’

Says Richard

Please buy a voluntary ticket of £10 to support this event. 

If you are unable to watch the concert live don’t worry –  the show will still be available to watch until 12th Night – 6 January 2021.

Thank you for your continued support this year. Let’s hope 2021 brings us all more opportunities to gather together and once again enjoy live performances of music and theatre.

As the days shorten and the year draws to an end Louise and Richard wish you all a very happy Christmas…

My song is done, I must be gone,

I can stay no longer here;

God Bless you all, both great and small,

And send you a happy new year.

Oh the Moon Shines Bright!

Richard Shoreham beach

This year’s Candlelit Christmas Tour may have been reduced to a handful of gigs – but that doesn’t make these seasonal events any less special…

Included in the tour are four socially distanced shows at Ropetackle Arts Centre, Shoreham-by-Sea with two performances each day on 6 and 13 December.  

There will also be two, ticketed, live streamed performances from Theatr Clwyd in North Wales on Friday 11 December at 6pm and 8.30pm.

‘After the year we’ve all had it’s more important than ever to embrace the magic that hangs in the air at Christmas.’

Says Richard

We hope you will all join us for the series climax celebrating the Winter Solstice live-streamed from Richard’s studio on Shoreham Beach from 3pm on 21 December. 

Richard Durrant

This finale gig will include the premiere of six short Christmas films produced for the Solstice.  We ask you to buy a voluntary ticket for this unique event.

Richard has chosen a wintry collection of guitar solos for each show during which he’ll be joined onstage by his four children Rooney, Daisy, Django and Felix to sing Christmas carols and wintry songs.  

There’ll also be ‘virtual’ appearances by singer Amy Kakoura, master fiddler Nick Pynn and medieval prog rock god Brian Gulland – pictured below.

On the last day of the Celtic calendar, a full moon and halloween, last Saturday saw Richard Durrant’s first gig in Ropetackle Arts Centre in over eight months and the launch of Rewilding.

A ukulele playing fox came on stage to help out with Saturday’s performance of Triskelion – and he was delighted to get his paws on an actual Pete Howlett ukulele.

The following Monday Scala Radio played the track on the breakfast show and news has now come through that BBC Radio 3 want to book Richard for a live session in late November 2021.

For the show Richard was joined onstage by the legendary Brian Gullland and Django Durrant (pictured) as well as Daisy Durrant.  

The 2pm event was live-streamed with the help of Peter Lisney from the Richard Durrant Academy  The album went live on all streaming platforms at sunset in Shoreham just as Richard had promised.

The live-stream is still available to view on Facebook and YouTubeYou can still buy a voluntary ticket to donate to the development of this fantastic album here:

Rewilding cover

Well, the vinyl didn’t quite make it in time for the celebrations due to Covid difficulties in the Netherlands. But it has now been packed and shipped and should arrive during the coming week.  

If you are one of the many people waiting – it won’t be much longer! The limited edition vinyl signed and numbered by Richard is on sale in our online shop.

The beautiful album artwork for Rewilding has been attracting a lot of attention. Painted by English artist Jon Everitt, we are delighted to announce that a limited edition, high quality, framed print has been produced by Hypergallery.

Look out for more exciting Rewilding news and details of Richard’s new podcast: The Barefoot Guitarist