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Triskeles glass

Triskelion is one of the tracks from Richard Durrant’s new album Rewilding – now available for hi-res download or to pre-order on vinyl…

The triple spirals of the Triskelion can be found on artefacts as far back as the Neolithic and Bronze ages and also in Celtic traditions. 

The triskeles symbol meaning ‘three-legged’ is also founding Greek antiquity and through the classical period. It also became used in the flag of the Isle of Man.

The artist of Rewilding’s sleeve cover, Jon Everitt,  created the ‘Tinner’s Rabbits’ on the round labels in the centre of the record inspired by the Dartmoor legend and Triskelion image. Jon’s fascination with these three rabbits, joined at the ears, inspired Richard to write this captivating track for the new album.

This cyclic art with minimalist music reflect nature’s ability to regenerate – if left alone.

Says Richard.

Buy your REWILDING download now or Pre-Order the vinyl Album today.

The vinyl album is due to be released at the end of October and all copies of the first, limited edition run of 200 albums are signed and numbered by Richard.

Meanwhile, hi-res FLAC and ALAC files can be ordered today.

This is just one of the magical tracks from this topical musical fantasy. It has a strong connection with Knepp Wilding project in Sussex where Richard performed a gig with a nightingale and folk singer Sam Lee one summer’s evening back in 2018.

Led by Durrant’s guitars, ukuleles and cello, this uplifting and optimistic album was created by Richard Durrant earlier this year during Lockdown, and as he says:

‘The world changed… and so did my music.’

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