French Guitar Adventurers

Richard Durrant’s French Guitar Adventurers is a residential guitar course that takes place each April. 

It’s held in a beautiful, secluded location in the Charente region of France.  Accommodation is en-suite, full board, suitable for all dietary needs with an outdoor swimming pool and a large practise room with excellent acoustics. 

French Guitar Adventurers is suitable for inquisitive, competent guitarists from Grade 6 or equivalent (ABRSM/Trinity) right up to professional level. Participants should be keen to develop broader, general musicianship skills, instrumental technique and music reading. 

The daily practise sessions are undertaken on a nylon strung, classical style instrument ideally with a cut-away and a strap. However, the techniques covered can be applied to all styles of acoustic guitar and Richard often includes other instruments in his specially written ensemble music providing an opportunity for participants to play bass guitar, ukulele, tenor guitar and acoustic guitar.

Becoming a Guitar Adventurer will enable you to develop your relationship with your hands in an intense and meaningful way.  You will then go on to realise a strong, safe and more mindful physical connection with your instrument. This is also an opportunity to learn to play standing up (Richard’s speciality and default position) and to discover the benefits of using a strap whether sitting or standing.  

The French Retreat, situated just outside the town of Chalais, is the stunning setting for French Guitar Adventurers

“Everything was perfect, tuition, accommodation, food, company. I was able to live the dream for a bit. The whole thing allowed me to relax such that I was able to do a good solo performance at the gig. My playing already feels better and I am inspired to do my exercises now as I can appreciate the effect they have on my playing. Roll on next year.”

Wendy Hicks (classical and flamenco guitar)

The FGA week progresses via enjoyable and supportive group study sessions led by Richard. There are also opportunities for private practise, all sped along by the daily use of staff notation and a total absence of TAB.

French Guitar Adventurers concert poster

French Guitar Adventurers culminates in a free public concert of student solos, ensemble pieces and other surprises.

“Each guitarist has to show flexibility, generosity and understanding as well as being prepared to work hard.

“Luckily these are qualities that I consider to be key ingredients of good musicianship.

“It also makes for wonderful music making, a steep learning curve, strong camaraderie and a great end of week gig!”

Says Richard

If you are interested please contact for further details.

You can discover more about past trips by the French Guitar Adventurers on the Facebook group page.