Rewilding is another sumptuous vinyl album and the sequel to Stringhenge

The new album has the same sense of place and features beautiful guitar solos alongside a fairly prog rock mix of instrumentals and songs. 

Richard makes a typically oblique attempt to shed light on his new creation: 

“If you imagine a world where Segovia is a member of Hawkwind then you are close to understanding the sound world of this album!”

Richard Durrant

You can be part of Richard’s Rewilding album

You can pre-order your copy today plus you can get more involved in supporting the development of this fantastic new album.

The initial artwork created for the cover of the new Rewilding album. Artwork created by Jon Everitt 

There are different price options for those who feel able to support both the album production and launch tour by paying more.

All copies are signed and numbered. 

The £50 to £500 prices include mp3s of track mixes emailed directly to you as they emerge. 

The £1,000 price includes the mp3s plus an exclusive invitation to a private event at Richard’s studio.