Richard Durrant – Talks

Richard is often invited to give presentations on particular musical and cultural subjects and to talk about his life in music. Complimenting his work as a concert and recording artist these events allow audiences time to explore topics in more depth, with plenty of live playing and a spirited Q&A.

The following presentations have proved very popular and are suitable for music and literature festivals, colleges, universities, U3A audiences etc.  The list will continue to expand as more requests come in!

The 26 Bus to Paraguay

Richard Durrant’s regular visits to this fascinating and magical part of South America have earned him accolades and awards whilst his concerts and trilogy of Paraguayan albums have uncovered the richness of guitar music being written in the region today.  

Durrant explores the mysteries of La Ruta Mangoreana, uncovering the beauty of Paraguayan music and the historic turmoil that plagued the central southern cone of South America. He also explains how his involvement began on a number 26 Brighton corporation bus.

(this talk uses projected images)

Paraguay can be paradisal and its music heavenly. In his stories and his playing, Richard Durrant conveys both. How a boy from Brighton discovered the music of Barrios and made it to the Royal Albert Hall, via a number 26 bus and the Royal College of Music, is a riveting riverboat ride of a story. He told it and played it at our Festival. We loved his virtuoso playing, his terrific telling, and him!

Matt Holland, Director, Swindon Festival of Literature

Is that a machine gun?

How does a musical instrument shape you as a person? Are good natured taunts about carrying a guitar case and polishing your nails in public character building?

Guitar in hand, the ever genial Richard Durrant, explains how concerts and concertos, sight reading and sessions have punctuated and steered his waking moments for over 50 years. The audience will hear plenty of live music alongside showbiz encounters and studio anecdotes in a talk which outlines a pragmatic strategy for surviving the music business whilst retaining an untainted and profoundly deep love of music. 

(this talk does not use projected images)

Richard has performed live for our U3A on three occasions and is considered to be amongst the best we have had in each respective year.

Ray – Paddock Wood U3A

A look into the life of one of our most respected guitarists. Haunting, memorable melodies and so many tales to delight. what more could an audience possibly want? Please come back again soon.

Angela Hughes, the Langham Hotel Lunch Club

Travels with my Guitar

Especially for lovers of plucked strings, this colourful biographical presentation features a fascinating collection of instruments and describes the journeys they have inspired.  

From his first, rather humble guitar to the Gary Southwell bog oak masterpiece Richard talks his way through colourful moments in his career and illustrates a myriad of different musical styles.  You’ll get to meet the banjo, a tenor guitar, some rather collectable ukuleles and, most precious of all, the copy of Django’s guitar made by his father Harry.

(this talk uses projected images)

Cycling Music

Richard Durrant's cycling tour

In 2014 Richard spent seven weeks on a bicycle pedalling one thousand five hundred miles, carrying a guitar, a PA system and a lighting rig to play thirty seven concerts.  Several years and hundreds of concerts later with the climate crisis growing daily, low carbon touring is now more important than ever.

Richard explains how cycling and playing music is a perfect match, and that the beauty of the British Isles has helped him escape the ugliness of UK politics.  We hear how this resulted in four albums of new music: Cycling Music (2014), Stringhenge (2018), Rewilding (2020) and The Sleep of a King (2022) extracts from which are played live as part of this presentation.

(this talk uses projected images)

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