Musical Midwinter Magical Tour

Amy Kakoura

It’s been 10 years since Richard Durrant invited young singer Amy Kakoura to join him on his UK Christmas Tour – and he has not looked back since…

The first time Richard heard Amy sing he knew we could create something magical.

’Here was a voice that combined an early music vibe with a folky, Pagan purity and a Christian message of hope for us all. It made me reach for my guitar.’

Says Richard

Richard has created his own unique brand of musical winter magic over the years, carefully avoiding the more commercial aspects of Christmas. 

Embracing both the Christian and Pagan landscape of these islands, his music hypnotises his audiences until they really do believe in Father Christmas!

Since 2023 Richard has brought another fascinating twist to his continuing wintry saga with the involvement of his family.

While Daisy Durrant has contributed songs to previous tours, this is her first time on the road singing and adding new instrumental colour with accordion, fiddle, whistles, piano and hammond.

His daughter Daisy and oldest son Django both bring new songs and instruments to the midwinter table.  They are a duo not to be underestimated.

Younger brother Django is now on his fourth Christmas tour offering his distinctive new songs, singing, playing drums and keyboards. He is currently studying music and music psychology at Leeds University.

Richard Durrant's Candlelit Christmas Concerts

But it is perhaps at Christmas that Richard Durrant’s musical gift shines brightest. Catch him and his musical mates on the Christmas tour if you possibly can.

9-22 December 2023

  • Ropetackle Arts Centre
  • Theatr Brycheiniog
  • Wilmington Church
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