I arrived back home with a brand new Gary Southwell “bog oak” guitar in July 2016, but I didn’t play it properly until late August. I couldn’t bring myself to pick it up.

The Burning Deck

Richard Durrant’s new concerto ‘Six Grooves for Ukulele’, will be premiered on 10 September. We caught up with Richard to find out more about this exciting new work.

French Guitars

Richard Durrant is busily packing his bags before heading south to Chalais in France for the second French Guitar Adventurers.

But Richard still has time to tell us more…

BBC Radio 3 In Tune

Richard was on BBC Radio 3’s In Tune last week talking about his upcoming Stringhenge concerts as well as his recently released album Durrant y Ledesma.

composer scribbles

Richard Durrant is emerging from his studio where he’s been buried in notes writing his new concerto: Six Grooves for Ukulele. But he’s looking forward to a fantastic season ahead. Here’s his update…