On the last day of the Celtic calendar, a full moon and halloween, last Saturday saw Richard Durrant’s first gig in Ropetackle Arts Centre in over eight months and the launch of Rewilding.

Richard Durrant Rewilding launch

Music from Richard’s new album Rewilding will go live at 4.37pm today. This means that as the sun sets in Sussex on Halloween; Spotify, Apple Music and all other platforms will synchronise to stream Rewilding.

Richard Durrant

In his new album Rewilding Richard Durrant strays closer than ever to the world of acoustic prog rock. But there are moments of delicacy too.


So are you a fan of Lumbricus terrestris? You should be – especially if you are a gardener – because these common Earthworms are our ‘ecosystem engineers’

Triskeles glass

Triskelion is one of the tracks from Richard Durrant’s new album Rewilding – now available for hi-res download or to pre-order on vinyl.