Richard Durrant’s two-wheeled adventures

Richard Durrant's cycling tour

In recent years, the great two-wheeled eco-warrior Richard Durrant has cycled over 3,000 miles playing his famous Cycling Music concerts around England and Scotland.

So how did all this begin?

During an average year of playing concerts Richard travels 35,000 miles, which is why he undertakes much of his spring and summer touring on a bicycle carrying his stage show in his panniers and trailer. Being conscious of his disgracefully large carbon footprint, he decided back in 2014 it was time to pay something back to the environment by creating Cycling Music.

Richard Durrant Cycling Music

Cycling Music has become a huge success with tours in 2014 and 2015 during which he cycled the length and breadth of England and Scotland towing a cycle trailer behind him containing the entire show to over 50 venues complete with guitars, music and projection equipment.  

In 2014, Cycling Music raised money for The Big C charity, based in Norwich. The following year he cycled and gigged from Sussex to the Isle of Skye, and raised money for CDF, the Cyclists’ Defence Fund.

His album Cycling Music was created especially for the tours and was featured by the BBC during their coverage of Le Tour 2014. He also appeared on ITV’s Cycle Show talking about his tours and the challenges and experiences he faced enroute.

Have a listen to some of the amazing music from the Cycling Music album in Richard’s online shop where you can also buy the CD or download tracks from the album.

Richard is spending most of February in his studio writing some exciting, new music for the year ahead, but will soon be emerging to give three talks about bicycles and music! These will be given at U3A’s (University of the 3rd Age) in the south east – one in Tenterden and two in Brighton. 

But what about plans for a third Cycling Music UK tour in 2017? Richard says: “I suspect that revisiting my pedal powered adventures will result in another plan to get back in the saddle. Any excuse will do…just hearing the music makes my legs twitch.”

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