Stringhenge heads to Chichester

Chichester Cathedral

Yes it’s true! Richard Durrant is incapable of resting on his laurels for long so after the sell out world premiere of his Ukulele Concerto on Sunday and the debut of his new 17-piece band, The Burning Deck he’s out on the road again – this time to the south of France for the beginning of his latest Stringhenge Tour 2017. 

One of the highlights of this tour has to be the one in the spectacular setting of Chichester Cathedral with its tall spire rising above its green copper roof which can be seen for many miles across the flat meadows of West Sussex.

Chichester Cathedral

Chichester Cathedral

This spire is traditionally an important landmark for sailors too being the only medieval English cathedral visible from the sea. This tower is actually a replica built at the end of the 19th century by the great Sir George Gilbert Scott – the original one had stood for 450 years before it suddenly collapsed in on itself in 1861.

Fortunately no-one was hurt!

28 September at 7.30pm is the date and time for this one. As with all the Stringhenge concerts it features acoustic music inspired by the British Isles. In fact, this show is a uniquely British exploration of unplugged, acoustic music on the folk/classical cusp. And is a sample of what’s to come with The Bog Oak Bouree – Richard’s arrangement of the Bouree from the 1st Lute Suite in Em. It is very much Richard’s own version but it also gives a respectful nod to Davey Graham and Jethro Tull:

“This is a real journey of discovery for me – exploring a love of Britain without tripping over the spectre of patriotism”.
– Richard Durrant

And of course there are also the incredible instruments which will resonate particularly beautifully in the splendid acoustics of Chichester Cathedral with the amazing Uffington Tenor Guitar by Ian Chisholm and the Concert Guitar by Gary Southwell made from a 5,000 year old bog oak.

As for the other venues on the Stringhenge tour, this map tells the story. And every venue has its own story – Richard played a Stringhenge gig this midsummer by the Uffington Hourse for example but his plan was always to play a gig at the Autumn equinox next to the LongMan of Wilmington – and here it is on the tour on 20 September. Click on the link below to find it to out about the venue nearest you.


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