Stringhenge tour update

Richard Durrant

Richard’s latest show, Stringhenge, has now been performed three times and is showing all the signs of becoming a classic Durant creation, perhaps one to rival The Guitar Whisperer in terms of originality and artistic quality. 

In these early shows audiences have been particularly struck by the Tenor Guitar renderings of music from the Bach Cello Suites juxtaposed with British folk melodies. 

As Richard himself puts it: “I’m using the magic of Bach to unlock the hill barrows and henges of Britain”.  

Add to the mix a weird and wonderful selection of English music (Henry Purcell segued into the Bromley Horn Dance Tune!?) performed on a guitar made from a 5,000 year old tree and the strange allure of Durrant’s  Stringhenge creation begins to become apparent.  

Standing barefoot in front of a beautifully lit backdrop, sometimes covered in projections of artwork inspired by neolithic Britain, Durrant seems at the height of his virtuoso powers. But the stories with which he links the music contrast a love of his native landscape with a growing discomfort for Britain’s new place in the world. Richard continues: “This is a real journey of discovery for me – exploring a love of Britain without tripping over the spectre of patriotism”.

Richard is particularly pleased with the look of the show. He explains: “My sister Ann has produced a series of prints that we’re using in the show. Ann works in her mobile studio which is built into a huge, blue bus. It’s got a wood burning stove and it’s own printing press. Very Stringhenge…”. 

Stringhenge the tour is growing all the time with dates just in for France (Sept 2017) and Holland (March 2018).  There are UK dates in June and September 2017 and many more are being planned for next year.  An album has been mentioned more than once!

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