Welcome the Spring

Welcome the Spring

Richard Durrant’s third and final concert in his Towards Spring series reaches a conclusion at 7pm on 27 March with Classical Guitar Music to Welcome the Spring…

Featuring classical guitar works by Fernando Sor and Mauro Giuliani live from his studio in Sussex, Richard will be performing on a particularly beautiful guitar from the 1830’s (labelled John Arvey Turner) as well as the Gary Southwell concert bog oak.

The programme will include: 

   Sonata in C
   The Return of the Hamster

   Andante Largo
   Variations on a theme by Mozart

These gigs were to mark our journey out of winter, but they have also connected me with many wonderful people at home and abroad. I plan to play more from the studio in the coming months as well as looking forward to appearing at actual venues.


You can watch the concert LIVE from Richard’s studio on YouTube and Facebook. 

Voluntary ‘virtual’ tickets are available at £10.

You can also watch the event online for up to a month afterwards with a voluntary donation. 

Richard Durrant Academy subscribers can join Richard for a chat after the concert at 8.15pm.

If you don’t have a RDA subscription you can sign up free for seven days.

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