Who loves a Pollinator?

Richard Durrant with guitars

The natural world is providing the inspiration for the second of Richard Durrant’s online solo recitals on 27 February…

The programme will include: 

     Juan Duarte          Clouds of Butterflies

     Agustín Barrios    A Dream in the Forest

     Julio Sagreras      The Humming Bird

     Yuquijiro Yocoh    Sakura

Music is part of nature. The pattern of my guitar string on an oscilloscope looks just like the shapes in the Shoreham tide table and the patterns of Bach’s melodies play with the vibrations of the harmonic series as does the syrinx of a songbird. This little concert is my celebration of the natural world, played whilst we all wait for spring.’

Says Richard
Artwork by Jon Everitt

Towards Spring
Online Concert No. 2 

The Pollinator 

music inspired by the natural world

Saturday 27th February, 7pm

You can watch the concert LIVE from Richard’s studio on YouTube and Facebook. 

Voluntary ‘virtual’ tickets are available at £10.

You can also watch the event online for up to a month afterwards with a voluntary donation. 

In advance of this online recital Richard is also very chuffed to be taking part in WHO LOVES A POLLINATOR? on 18 FEBRUARY 2021 from 7 – 8pm.

This FREE extended webinar is hosted by West Sussex County Council.

This online event will include a presentation by bee expert and author Professor Dave Goulson, live music from Richard Durrant and a Q&A session. 

Find out how you can help our pollinators thrive!

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