• French Guitar Adventurers

    September 2021
    The guitar holiday of a lifetime!

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  • Rewilding

    As the world changed, so did my music

    “Richard Durrant’s new album is beyond beautiful…” Isabella Tree, author of Wilding

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South Downs

The Crest The Coombe The Twitten

Premiering this captivating 10 minute video of Richard Durrant’s latest composition for solo guitar inspired by the magical landscape and rich heritage of England’s South Downs.
Richard Durrant - Colourscape

Colourscape… and a Festival in the Country

This Saturday, September 11 will see Richard Durrant perform two gigs in the one day - one at Europe's most unusual arts festival - another at a festival based in a delightful West Sussex village...
My Childhood, My Country

My Childhood, My Country

My Childhood, My Country - 20 Years in Afghanistan will premiere on ITV on Monday 6 September with original music by Richard Durrant.

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