Believe in The Magic of Christmas and Escape into Midwinter…

Richard Durrant’s candlelit Christmas concerts have become a tradition for so many. The maverick musician, guitarist and songwriter Richard Durrant has uncovered the true meaning of midwinter with his ever popular candlelit tour which will mark its 17th year in 2023.

There is something about this annual feast of folk & early music, carols & original songs that seems to strike just the right midwinter tone – especially amongst those who prefer a less commercial, somehow more acoustic vibe.

The show is at once a celebration of Christmas itself and a chance to pay deep respect to the more Pagan aspects of this truly magical time of year. The tour finale is always held on the Solstice itself with a poignant moment marking the setting of the winter sun.

In 2023, as in previous years, Richard will be onstage with his Christmas band. Joining Richard for her eleventh candlelit tour is the wonderful Amy Kakoura, and he is as proud as ever to be working with her:

Amy is beyond compare – her singing evokes the magic and intensity of the solstice and her voice brings warmth and meaning to each Christmas.”

Richard’s son Django Durrant & daughter Daisy Durrant will also join the party to add percussion, bass, keyboards and two more voices to the mix.

With songs new and old the four troubadours of Richard‘s Christmas Band will be travelling through the frost and snow of another Musical Midwinter in 2023.

The oldest song in the Oxford Book of Carols, British folk tunes, virtuoso guitar playing, brand new songs  and some well chosen curiosities from the charts played from behind shimmering candlelight combine to draw the audience closer.

Certainly the musical diversity indicates a very particular and inclusive take on our shared wintertime with Christmas, the Solstice and an inherent, heartfelt generosity, warmth and optimism at the very heart of the show.

The Brighton born musician, who has toured as a soloist all over the world and likes to mix things up musically, sees the festive season through a Pagan as well as a Christian lens:

I love midwinter and carefully mark the solstice but I’m also drawn to the true meaning of Christmas. Then there’s that crazy music that re-emerges each year – as the night’s draw do I listen to a 12th century carol or some 1970’s chart music.”

The 2022 tour played to packed houses in England and Wales (at one theatre the band stay for two days, both with matinees to satisfy the demand for tickets). Theatres, larger churches and arts centres have all proved suitable venues. Often the show has been staged over the top of the panto set on ‘dark’ theatre nights.

What the press say:

“Attempting to wrestle control of Christmas from the more commercial aspects.”

“Technically impressive guitar playing on the folk/classical cusp..”

“An all embracing winter tapestry…whether pure instrumental or paired with Amy Kakoura’s soothing tones, it’s a tasteful celebration.”

“Richard Durrant’s candlelit guitar concert is one of the highlights of the year. Durrant’s evocative playing and stunning stage set fill the centre with a magical aura perfectly aligned to the festive season. A sell-out success year after year, the magnificence of this show speaks for itself with an additional matinee performance also reaching full capacity.”

“Conceived in the spirit of a family gathered round a fire…”