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“Richard Durrant’s new album is beyond beautiful…”

Isabella Tree, author of Wilding

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About Rewilding

Richard began composing Rewilding in January 2020 continuing throughout lockdown with yet more determination following the cancellation of his year’s solo concert tour.

The world changed and so did my music. I became focussed on one topic – the hope for us all offered by the natural world,”

said Richard

With Covid-19 came the cancellation of Richard’s concerts. His big tour for 2020 would have been from St Magnus Cathedral, Orkney to Santiago de Compostela in Spain.  Cycling between venues carrying his instruments on his bicycle was Richard’s way to inspire discussion about the climate change crisis. 

But the loss of this major project (and the cancellation of his two guitar summer schools) wiped out 18 months of planning and a year’s income.

One result was new ideas for the beautiful sounds and combinations of instruments used on Rewilding,”

Richard continued

The beautiful cover of Rewilding was painted by the English artist Jon Everitt.

Richard with Penny Green and soil scientist David Sheil at Knepp

“To reflect the new science facilitated by re-wilding projects, one half of the album is set above ground (superterranean) and the other below ground (subterranean).  

“Jon Everitt’s artwork for the gatefold vinyl plays wonderfully with with these two worlds as does the detail on the inner sleeve created by soil scientist David Sheil,”

Richard added.

On Rewilding Richard’s multi-instrumental skills are complimented by four other musicians:

Brian Gulland – bassoon, contra-bassoon, oboe, recorders, crumhorns, organ, harmonium.
Stephen Hiscock – bendir, bells and berimbau, caixa, asoratwe and bean pod shakers.
Daisy Durrant – accordion.
Django Durrant – cajon and drums.

The album has a strong connection with Knepp Wilding project in Sussex where Richard performed a gig with folk singer Sam Lee and a nightingale one summer’s evening back in 2018.

With the world suspended in a state of anxiety, Durrant has drawn from his musical roots and the rewilding process – which provides hope for repairing the planet – to find musical renewal and create a hopeful, forward looking album. With his firm rural roots and passion for the environment this optimistic album feels like a genuine evocation of the guitarist’s natural surroundings.

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