2019 Christmas tour

With special guests Amy Kakoura & Nick Pynn

If you don’t fancy yet another panto and are actively trying to avoid the more saccharine, tinselly aspects of the Christmas season then Richard Durrant’s candlelit Christmas tour is definitely the right choice for you!

In fact the maverick musician, guitarist and songwriter Richard Durrant may have uncovered the true meaning of midwinter with his ever popular candlelit tour now in its 15th year.

The Brighton born musician, who has toured as a soloist all over the world and likes to mix things up musically, sees the festive season through a Pagan as well as a Christian lens:

I love midwinter and carefully mark the solstice but I’m also drawn to the true meaning of Christmas. Then there’s that crazy music that re-emerges each year – as the night’s draw do I listen to a 12th century carol or some 1970’s chart music.”

With the help of his regular winter companions the singer Amy Kakoura and master fiddler Nick Pynn (who will also play dulcimer, musical saw and bass pedals) Richard’s 2019 tour is musically richer than ever.

Virtuoso guitar solos, the oldest song in the Oxford Book of Carols, Breton folk, British fiddle tunes and some well chosen curiosities from the charts, all played from behind shimmering candlelight, seem to indicate Durrant’s desire to draw the audience closer.

Certainly the musical diversity indicates a very particular and inclusive take on our shared wintertime with Christmas, the Solstice and an inherent, heartfelt generosity, warmth and optimism at the very heart of the show.

Last year the trio’s live version of XTC’s Love on a Farmboy’s Wages proved such a curiosity that it was aired on BBC6 Music. Subsequently a small collection of live recordings from Christmas 2018 were released during the tour.

“Attempting to wrestle control of Christmas from the more commercial aspects.”

“Technically impressive guitar playing on the folk/classical cusp..”

“An all embracing winter tapestry…whether pure instrumental or paired with Amy Kakoura’s soothing tones, it’s a tasteful celebration.”

“Richard Durrant’s candlelit guitar concert is one of the highlights of the year. Durrant’s evocative playing and stunning stage set fill the centre with a magical aura perfectly aligned to the festive season. A sell-out success year after year, the magnificence of this show speaks for itself with an additional matinee performance also reaching full capacity.”

“A magical show that brought a sense of peacefulness to an otherwise hectic time. This was both a Christian and Pagan celebration without any sparkly tinsel and commercial sentimentality. Durrant’s playing was masterful, creating the right seasonal feel to this family show.”


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