A Musical Journey to the Winter Solstice

Richard Durrant’s 2017 Candlelit Christmas Concert Tour is racing across the country from the South Coast to Beverley in Yorkshire. Catch this fantastic Christmas show while you can…

Richard Durrant is joined by master folk fiddler Nick Pynn and fantastic singer Amy Kakoura to create a truly magical experience taking us to the heart of Christmas.

Richard Durrant, Amy & Nick

Richard Durrant, Nick Pynn and Amy Kakoura

And here’s a taste of the magic to come with an extract from Richard’s 2013 album ‘Christmas Guitars’. The track ‘An Acoustic Winter Solstice  ‘ creates a wintry, musical landscape of acoustic instruments, hammond organ and percussion:

Richard Durrant’s Candlelit Christmas Concerts have become a much loved part of Christmas for many years. The music includes original work as well as the familiar – and all led by Richard’s uniquely expressive way with the flawless technique of a major virtuoso and the delivery of a natural story teller.

Setting Up

Richard warming up

Richard warming up

Here’s the schedule of shows still to come in this year’s run up to Christmas:


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