Guitar Workshops: A New Way Forward


Some of you will know that Richard spent several months away from his guitar earlier this year to work on his new studio. 

We are now thrilled to announce that the newly completed Pluck Plank Studio will open its doors on 13 July for a fantastic event for guitarists and non guitarists:

Pluck Plank Studio

Pluck Plank Studio

A New Way Forward

starting 13 July  
(with half hour break)

Pluck Plank Studios, Shoreham Beach, Sussex

‘Players and non-players will find this a most interesting occasion. At the opening event in this lovely new space I will give a presentation and lead a discussion for players and curious non-players.  In the break we can wander down to The Pollinator Cafe for yet more chatting at the water’s edge.’

Says Richard

Join Richard Durrant for three hours of guitar enrichment and discussion in this lovely new space in Sussex. 

Items to explore include:

  • standing to play
  • choice of instrument
  • organising practise
  • breathing.

Tickets are £40 each. Limited to 20 places.

Richard with colleagues at his annual French Guitar Adventurers holiday. FGA is a week long chance to talk about guitars, play a concert and practise for hours on end

Photo credits:

  1. Richard Durrant
  2. Sean Stones
  3. Richard Durrant
  4. Richard Durrant
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