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Richard Durrant Rewilding launch

“A rare and wonderful chance to experience the soundscape of a wilder land with the songs of Knepp’s own nightingales and turtle doves woven in to Richard’s exquisite melodies. Experience life above and below ground, hear the soil taking a deep breath and embrace the uplifting feeling of hope that Rewilding brings.” 

Penny Green, Resident Ecologist at Knepp Estate (pictured left)

You can pre-order the album on all streaming platforms using the various links below.  The music will go live at 4.37pm today.

This means that as the sun sets in Sussex on Halloween; Spotify, Apple Music and all other platforms will synchronise to stream Rewilding.

Richard is thrilled with the arrival of the new vinyl album.

“The test pressing arrived today and I just played it on the big Tannoys. Crikey….now it really does sound like an album! And so appropriate that is was pressed in the Netherlands as this music has more than a hint of Focus about it. Those Dutchmen at Deepgrooves have done a good job with their magical hocus pocussing work – and as eco friendly as they come.”


Spotify & Apple Music synchronise for a Sussex, Halloween Sunset

Rewilding will go live on all streaming platforms at 4.37pm on 31st October (that is sunset in Sussex on Halloween). You can pre-order the music using the various links below, and the music will go live as the sun sets on launch day.

You can buy vinyl (180g, gatefold, limited edition, signed and numbered by the artist) online and download FLAC and ALAC audio files online – buy today.

Rewilding cover

Official launch event with Livestream
11am & 2pm at Ropetackle Arts Centre

Live streamed from 2pm on Richard’s YouTube & Facebook

See diary for details of the today’s live and streamed events.

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