Launching the Richard Durrant Academy

Richard Durrant Academy

1 March 2017 will be one of the most significant dates of Richard Durrant’s musical career with the much heralded launch of The Richard Durrant Academy.

Richard explains:

“One of my longstanding dreams has been to share the benefits of a broad and diverse musical education. My time at the Royal College of Music was precious, but then so were the jazz chords that my dad taught me, the years of gigging around in the back of a truck or standing on a stage playing Bach.”

Richard’s idea of establishing an online academy is driven by his vision to help guitarists and ukulele players of all levels become more complete musicians – free to play any style of music. Here’s a sneak preview…

But it’s not all hard graft as Richard tells us…

“As a bit of fun we’ll also be offering regular Ukulele Puzzles and Guitar Solos which we hope you’ll all find entertaining whether you’re studying or not.  Check out the first one appearing on my Facebook this Sunday evening, 19 February.”

We’ll be sending you a live link on 1 March so you can begin your studies straight away with:

  • a ten lesson guitar module
  • a ten lesson ukulele module


  • a host of further enrichment materials.

The lessons are designed for beginners but are also ideal for more experienced players who want to improve technique and strengthen their knowledge of music.

All prices will be on the Richard Durrant Academy site when it goes live on 1 March.

But don’t miss the Special Offer…

The first 50 subscribers, and those who completed our survey, will receive a special discount. 

See you there!

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