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Stringhenge Tour Map

Richard Durrant is preparing to travel the length and breadth of England – and more -with his much anticipated Stringhenge Tour 2017. Check out our updated tour schedule to find a venue near you…

From the majesty of Chichester Cathedral to the beauty of the Occitanie region in the south of France, and from a Waterside Arts Centre on the Isle of Wight to a remote parish church in the Devon countryside, Richard’s captivating 2017 Stringhenge Tour is reaching out to a venue near you starting from this September.

Chichester Cathedral

Chichester Cathedral

In addition to performing in these magnificent and varied venues, a highlight of the show will be two of Richard’s guitars: the Uffington Tenor – built by Sussex luthier Ian Chisholm and featuring a beautiful silver inlay of the ancient horse carved into the chalk at Uffington, and an extraordinary new six string Concert Guitar, built in Lincolnshire by luthier Gary Southwell.

“This is a real journey of discovery for me – exploring a love of Britain without tripping over the spectre of patriotism”.

And as for the music itself, Stringhenge juxtaposes the music of JS Bach with our great tradition of British folk melodies. As Richard himself puts it:

“It feels as though I’m using Bach’s music to unlock the hill barrows and henges of Britain”.

In the show Richard tells stories that link the music to his love of the native landscape. Yet there is also a growing, underlying  discomfort for Britain’s new place in the world in the 21st century.


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