Towards Spring

Towards Spring

To punctuate this year’s Journey to the Spring Equinox we present three themed solo guitar concerts by Richard Durrant – streamed live from his studio in Sussex.

The Towards Spring series of concerts will take place on the last Saturday of January, February and March 2021 on YouTube and Facebook. 

Voluntary ‘virtual’ tickets are available at £10. You can watch the event online for up to a month afterwards with a voluntary donation. 

Online concert No. 1: Book of Spellsmusic by Richard Durrant on Saturday 30th January, 7pm

Online concert No. 2: The Pollinator – music inspired by the natural world on Saturday 27th February, 7pm

Online concert No. 3: Classical Guitar Music to Welcome the Spring – music by Fernando Sor & Maruro Giulliani on Saturday 27th March, 7pm 

‘Never has the journey out of Midwinter felt so poignant. I just want to point  my guitar in the direction  of the light and comfort  of the spring. Right now I ‘m preparing music for three, solo concerts to help carry us through to the Spring Equinox. I do hope this will create opportunities to stop and mark this special time. Please join me.’

Says Richard

Do look at the  who has created The wonderful artwork for these concerts along with the marvellous cover designs for Rewilding was created by Jon Everitt – check out his website.

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