French Guitar Adventurers 2023

This year’s one and only French Guitar Adventurers’ holiday is taking place from 23 April and with a fresh new look…

The week is a chance to further understand and develop the fundamentals of your technique in a supportive group setting. 

As well as receiving personal tuition from Richard Durrant, you will have time to work on your music theory skills, play in guitar ensembles and develop sight reading skills whilst building confidence for the end of week performance.

This is the first of our new springtime FGAs which come with a slightly different emphasis on technique and reading skills (see * below).

In the weeks leading up to the holiday each participant will receive a preparatory one to-one-session with Richard to ensure they get the most out of the week.

Some of the FGA participants and guests from 2022

The venue is a beautiful converted cognac house with a large outbuilding housing workshop space and comfortable, modern accommodation.

All dietary needs are covered, with splendid meals, an open air pool and long country walks in the secluded French countryside. 

The week is open to guitarists plus one guest. The nearest train station is Chalais, and the nearest airport Bordeaux.

Please contact Richard directly on for pricing or if you have any queries.

French Guitar Adventurers
The FGA venue is a beautiful converted cognac house

* Although we have welcomed many different styles of player over the years, we recommend that your playing standard is around about Grade 5 minimum.

At FGA your daily study and practise needs to take place on a nylon strung, classical style guitar preferably with a strap (a unique opportunity to learn to play with a strap whether standing or sitting – particularly recommended if you have ever suffered from back pain related to your playing).