Bach and Tweet

Wake up to Richard’s new track Bach and Tweet which will appear on Spotify and other platforms at sunrise (5.34am) on May Day…

It was recorded at the Knepp – the trailblazing rewilding project in Sussex – late one Spring evening. Richard gently strummed Bach on the ukulele and was joined by five Nightingales singing along.

‘It was all a bit quiet at first but after a couple of phrases of Bach we heard a few solo twitters and trills and then one thing led to another and a chorus of Nightingales sang along to the gentle, woody, plucked notes of my uke.’

Richard’s connections with Knepp begun in 2018 when he was invited to join singer Sam Lee at a Nightingale led event.  As a keen environmental campaigner Richard was inspired by, and used field recordings from Knepp on his 2020 album Rewilding.

Best-selling author and joint founder of Knepp Wilding project Isabella Tree describes Richard’s Rewilding as ‘Beyond beautiful…’ and played a track from it during her recent appearance on BBC Radio 3’s Private Passions.

The ukulele used to record Bach and Tweet was made by the world renowned luthier Pete Howlett. The extremely rare and environmentally significant wood which Pete chose to make this famous instrument is Biscuit Cedar rescued from the infamous Oregon, Biscuit Creek forest fires that raged in 2002.

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Photo of Nightingale credit: David Oldham