Richard Durrant’s 2017 Candlelit Christmas Concert Tour is racing across the country from the South Coast to Beverley in Yorkshire. Catch this fantastic Christmas show while you can…

Richard Durrant is joined by master folk fiddler Nick Pynn and fantastic singer Amy Kakoura to create a truly magical experience taking us to the heart of Christmas.

Richard Durrant, Amy & Nick

Richard Durrant, Nick Pynn and Amy Kakoura

And here’s a taste of the magic to come with an extract from Richard’s 2013 album ‘Christmas Guitars’. The track ‘An Acoustic Winter Solstice  ‘ creates a wintry, musical landscape of acoustic instruments, hammond organ and percussion:

Richard Durrant’s Candlelit Christmas Concerts have become a much loved part of Christmas for many years. The music includes original work as well as the familiar – and all led by Richard’s uniquely expressive way with the flawless technique of a major virtuoso and the delivery of a natural story teller.

Setting Up

Richard warming up

Richard warming up

Here’s the schedule of shows still to come in this year’s run up to Christmas:


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Richard Durrant Studio

After the gigs & accolades here it comes: STRINGHENGE, the long awaited double album on vinyl, CD & download. We asked Richard Durrant to tell us more about the project…

The first question has to be: Why Vinyl?

‘˜The ritual of playing vinyl has always been part of my musical life although I’ve never released anything on this format. It was during my recent Stringhenge tour that I began to hear what I was playing as a double vinyl album. One half would be my arrangements of Bach interwoven with British folk music and the other half will consist entirely of my own music. Of course it’ll also be released on CD and Download but it’s conceived with big, beautiful artwork to be listened to on a record player’

The photo above was taken in my studio last Saturday by the wonderful Alison Petty. This is where STRINGHENGE will be recorded.

Tell us about your plans to promote this album…

‘I’ll be playing a series of concerts beginning in St Magnus Cathedral, Kirkwall, Orkney on the 1st June and heading south for another dozen concerts on my way back to Sussex. As I have done twice before I shall travel from gig to gig by bicycle.

Here are some of my guitars, all of whom earn their place in my studio. The ‘Uffington’ Tenor Guitar by Ian Chisholm and the Concert Guitar made by Gary Southwell from 5,000-year-old English oak will both feature on Stringhenge.

Listen to the demo track: The Bog Oak Bouree

And what about the special offers coming up as part of this project?

Yes, we’ve got some great special offers as part of the tour. These will include:

  • front row seats for the Orkney concert
  • tickets to a private concert in my studio
  • your name on the album artwork
  • signed copies of the vinyl or CD album
  • and there’s even the opportunity to join me and cycle for sections of this musical adventure.

So how do we find out more?

Visit our STRINGHENGE TOUR and also see all the shows listed in our DIARY